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Yep, that
tagged by :iconscarletknightmare:, see gurl, finally!
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must share 10 facts about themselves. 
3. Answer the questions, then invent 10 for those you tag.
4. Tag 10 people and post their icons.
5. Tell them they were tagged. 
6. No "You read it, you're tagged!" 
7. You MUST tag 10 people. 
8. No tagbacks. 
9. You can't say "I won't do this tag"
10. The tag must be done in a journal, not in a comment.

Ten Facts
1. Probably have a candy addiction >.>
2. Tend to overthink too much.
3. Like to build stuff from 0, anything, hence my luv for cos.
4. I fangirl when I see pretty cars. Not ricers tho..
5. They say the "train is leaving me", dude, I luv to run my car.
6. My pets are my family, hope mom is happy with 5 grandchildren by now.
7. Next cosplay is Merida, if I finish someday..
8. I love to draw people's characters.
9. There's a 80% chance that I'll not get a joke.
10. I like to give advice, but I'm not good giving it, anyways, talk to me whenever you want, I don bite.

1. If you had a crazy huge debt from the mafia that wa due tomorrow what would you do?
Pay them.

2. If you could be an animal what animal would you be?
Shiba Inu lol

3. If you could live anywhere were would it be? (regardless of financial situation)
In a mountain or a lone field, with wifi ofc xD

4. Waffles, Pancakes, or french toast?
All, bring fruit and coffee too.

5. Your favorite story? (could be a comic, movie, TV show, book, etc)
Lord of the rings.

6. What if one of your greatest pet peeves?
People asking when I'm getting married and having kids.

7. If you could star in a movie what role would you play?
Probably someone with an intricate badass costume.

8. If you could trade one of your talents for another talent what would it be?
Nah xD

9. Trait you are most proud of?

10. If you could time travel backwards in time would you do it? if so then when?
Yes! 1991.

1. Tea or coffee?
2. What's the worst bet you have done?
3. Are you afraid of changes?
4. Anything you dislike that most people like?
5. Pirates or ninjas?
6. Any silly fears? like fear for balloons for example >.>
7. Would you have a mythical creature as a pet?
8. A good memory from your childhood?
9. If you had to give up one of your senses, which one would be?
10. What if we were covered in fluffy fur?

:iconelisadevelon: :iconcyph1n: :iconzixpainter: :iconhue-sin: :icontsasu: :iconcaramelcookie: Don know more that will not get annoyed by a tag xwx


Inconsistent artist, or multiartist? whatevs..


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lux69aeterna Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Professional Photographer
Muchas gracias Angi!

Pixel Rose - Black version 
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thanks for watching me (on facebook as well) :D
I really appreciate it
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Thanks for the fav, Angi-chan :)
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Muchas felicidades guapa!!!! :hug:
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gracias bella <3
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Pensé que las víboras no te gustaban :P

Gracias por el fav, Angelita :)
x-Angel0 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015
Me gustan a veces xD depende de las condiciones en que las encuentre :P
de nada Calaquita xP
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